Finding A Business Loan In Nebraska

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Finding a business loan in Nebraska is rather easy if you know what criteria that lenders look for in a loan application and by presenting your application in a well-planned and confident manner. With so many options available, businesses do not just rely on banks to finance them these days.

Business loans are needed for starting a business, for expanding the business, for renovations, for buying equipment, for getting over a period when business is dull etc. The business loans are usually short term, intermediate term or long-term loans. Short-term loans are usually given for a period of 1 year or less, intermediate term loan range between 1 to 3 years and long-term loans that are given for 3 to 7 years period.

What Do Lenders Look For In a Loan Application:

Finding a business loan in Nebraska will be easier if you know what the lenders seek in a loan application.

 Purpose of the loan and how you plan to utilize the money. Systematic procedure will be helpful in convincing lenders.

 Well drafted and carefully designed business plan

 Accurate projections of cash flow, income and expenses.

 It will help if the owner is investing his personal finances in the business.

 A good repayment plan

 If it will be a secure loan, so the value of the collateral

 Credit profiles of the business as well as the owners.

 Tax returns and bank statements of both personal and business

 History of bankruptcy or other black marks in credit reports can be a bad for the applicant.

 All documents, such as, articles of incorporation should be in order.

Try contacting the SBA and get a list of all the SBA certified banks and lenders in your area, approach your bank that you do business with, as you have already established a relationship with it and they will be familiar with your business. If the loan is rejected, find out why and work to improve or correct your application, rethink your plans. Try hiring a broker, as he/she will ensure you get a loan, but may charge some fees.

You can also look up the yellow pages, and the Internet to look up lenders in your area. Make sure they are reputable and check references.

Once the loan has been granted or approved, work with the lender to negotiate the terms and repayment methods to suit your plans. Study your cash flow projections to confirm that repayment at a particular time is possible. Hire an attorney to study the application and make sure you understand the terms fully. Have a firm resolution to repay the loan on time and avoid being caught in the debt treadmill. Finding a business loan in Nebraska will not be a problem, make sure you repay it on time and steer your business towards success by careful management.


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